Core Issues to Explore

Energy Efficiency Consultation


The ordinance as presented does not limit the density of a solar development. 


Previous density requirements for a large solar development were 25% lot coverage; today, there are no density caps. 


This will mean, if the developer can meet minimum set-back requirements, they could develop the balance of the land.

Solar Panel Repair


The Town Council has been asked to approve an ordinance with the absolute minimum set-back from residential/commercial abutters. 


Our focus is most importantly on residential abutters.  The ordinance as presented requires a 50’ buffer but assures that all tall growth will be cut-down to maximize sunlight on panels. 


PRRS presents progressive set-back options to assure abutters and developers can co-exist in the development of alternative energy sources.

Urban Planning

Impact on Sections of Town

The solar projects that have been approved and the projected solar developments impact the same area of Portsmouth. 


What circuit-breakers can be placed within an ordinance to allow development with growth controls.


PRRS believes a solar ordinance should call for the maintenance of natural viewsheds. 


Environmental Impact

PRRS seeks an environmental review and conditions to allow small animals to traverse their native habitat. 


We would embrace an Environmental Community Impact Study as implemented in Exeter, RI. 


We can, in the ordinance, try to limit the environmental destruction caused by the stripping of forest or farm landscapes from our community.

Shake on It

Good Neighbor Incentive

PRRS favors incentives that provide developers incentives to work with abutters to maintain the peaceful enjoyment of their property. 


Incentives could provide for greater density or an easement for abutters to plant with height restrictions. 


The bottom-line, we are one community and we are always best working toward common goals, goals which meet the ideals of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.


Leaching of Hazardous Toxins

As an o

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