Portsmouth's Solar Ordinance


On May 11, Portsmouth Town Counsel ...
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Read the Solar Energy Systems Zoning Ordinance here

Ordinance Highlights

  • 50' buffer set-back 

  • No specification for lot coverage (density)

  • No additional requirement for environmental review

  • No incentives to work with abutters

PRRS stands in opposition to the Solar Ordinance that has been presented to the Portsmouth Town Council. 

We are an organized body to bring awareness of the ordinance and a Public Meeting scheduled to review the ordinance on November 23rd.  


We stand to raise the important voice of every Portsmouth Resident, not just the connected.

An edited screenshot from Google Earth shows four commercial solar farms that are either in operation (2), under construction (1) or proposed (1) on Portsmouth's West Side.


According to a URI researcher, the potential sales price of homes within one-tenth of a mile of a commercial solar farm would be reduced approximately 7%.


The additional negative sales price impact of multiple solar farms all within a half mile is unknown but possibly substantial.


Commercial property owners have a right to develop their land, and renewable energy projects should, all things being equal, be encouraged. However, if ineffective zoning ordinances can create significant home value reductions in any concentrated residential area of Portsmouth, a similar risk to every residential area in town is real.


We need responsible solar zoning in Portsmouth. Please plan to make your voice heard by attending the Portsmouth Town Council's Zoom meeting on November 23rd that includes a public hearing on the town's solar zoning ordinance.

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